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Owner & Partner

Combining a Bachelor in hospitality management with a Master

in Business Administration, I started my recruitment career in

one of the major finance recruitment firms back in 2006 already.

A career from operational Finance Interim recruiter to leading teams

in several disciplines like Finance, Human Resources, IT, Compliance

& Risk, Public Sector and Supply Chain. After more than 12 years of

managing and growing teams, I left as a Director within the

Amsterdam office to join a scale-up finance recruitment firm, as a

partner and shareholder, aiming to help them to build and grow


But when the chance was there to start an own company with two

former colleagues, I decided to grab the momentum. I didn't

like it that I did not have the time to be in touch with my client and

candidate network, being fully occupied with the focus on the

internal organisation, monitoring kpi and the stress of finding

juniors to grow the sales teams. Together with Elly and Joris we are

now back to our recruitment roots: servicing candidates and clients,

experiencing the challenges and fun of entrepreneurship together

with likeminded people. Looking forward to speak to all of you again!


Born and raised in Apeldoorn and from Leeuwarden to around 15

years in Amsterdam, I recently moved to Amstelveen with my wife

and son.

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